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Author of Award Winning Writing and Photography

Author of Award Winning Writing and PhotographyAuthor of Award Winning Writing and PhotographyAuthor of Award Winning Writing and Photography

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Beyond Bethlehem

Chance Wilder is a visual artist battling advancing age, loneliness, a decades-old case of PTSD and his own criminal tendencies. He rips off the Devil’s Deacons motorcycle club for big bucks as a way of honoring the memory of an old friend. Now his house is burning down, his career as artist is history and he’s on the run.

Wilder lays low in the small North Country town of Madstone, where he develops a fascination for the women who are Amazing Grace LaRue, who lives with dissociative (multiple) personality disorder.

In Madstone Wilder strives to change his life even as becomes a suspect in the death of Grace’s abusive lover and a series of sniper-style slayings of outdoorsmen. Meanwhile the Devil’s Deacons kill yet another of his friends. Wilder vows revenge. He uses his sudden notoriety to lure the bikers to the North Country of New Hampshire where he will let them pursue him into the wilderness, thinking they are the hunters. 

The Road Through Success

 Chance Wilder’s past catches up to him when his former agent and a revenge-oriented private investigator try to kill him. Rescued by the appearance of teenage lovers, Wilder goes into seclusion to heal.

Against his better judgement Wilder takes in the teenage girl who saved him from death. How could he refuse? But being in close proximity to Wilder can be a dangerous proposition as Katrina Hopkins will discover.

Kat is a healer at heart but a close call with a human predator inspires her to learn how to defend herself. Little does she know the day will come when she’ll have to kill to save both herself and her mentor. 

Girl with Imaginary Boyfriend

 Cut from the womb by a madwoman, Katrina Hopkins is a young woman who never had the opportunity to know her mother. The search for her biological father unleashes a havoc that targets her mentor, Chance Wilder, and kills the love of her life, Will Ravenfeather.

Kat’s grief transforms her into a tsunami of revenge known as “the girl with imaginary boyfriend.” 

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Ever wonder what it's like being a weekly newspaper reporter? Eric Poor has provided the answer, based on his 17 years of reporting local news for the award winning Monadnock Ledger Newspaper and the twice-weekly Monadnock Ledger-Transcript.

His book Working at the Word Factory is now available at  Hobblebush Books.

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